Dennis Stenfert

Chief Executive Officer

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About Dennis Stenfert

Education: MTS-E, Management U.A.V., NIMA A, NEVI 1, CFG-2

Dennis has had an entrepreneurial spark since the very beginning. He was self-employed for 7 years in the Civil Engineering sector from the very start of his career. He got hired as a Project Coordinator on various large foundation projects at home and abroad. Dennis along his professional journey developed a knack for international logistics and polished his team management skills to the fullest. In addition to the aforementioned experiences he worked on a number of international projects in the field of engineering, inventory, purchasing, sales, storage containers, etc.) within his own BV as well. 

With all of this diverse work experience and portfolio he now wants to pave the way for Transportial to change the dynamics of  logistics management as we know them, to something totally remarkable.